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Z Facebook Fanpage

Z Facebook Fanpage

Mistrzostwa Europy mastersow , ciekawa propozycja My name is Jaime Piris and I am sending you this email (via Jerelyn Biehl) as the Fleet Captain from Santander, Spain in the northern coast. We are glad to announce that we have been authorized to organize the official European (and Spanish Master Nationals at the same time) Snipe Master Championship. The regatta will take place in Santander, organized by the RCMS ( Real Club Marítimo de Santander ), over the dates 4, 5 and 6th September 2015. In those dates we usually have very good weather and smooth winds. We can make the races in open sea if there are good conditions or inside the bay as an alternative. You can find enclosed the docs necessary with all the info. Remember that this race is only for Master Snipe Sailors : --The Skipper should be 45 years old in 2015, and the sum of both crews should be at least 80 years in 2015. --There will be no more than 2 races per day , and maximum wind to race is 15 knots. --The entry fee is 0 , "Free". --There will be every day at the club free as well: Breakfast, picnic in the water, and a simple "marine" dinner and drinks ( beer and so). --There will be a specific area to leave the boats in land, and another one for cars and trailers. --There will be some volunteers to help with the boat handling every day. We have negotiated some good hotel prices that you can find in the PDF enclosed. But you have to be quick as there is a famous cycling competition in those days as well. We will have a good number of Sailors , as we are having at the same time in the same course, the Spanish National Master Championship. So the sailing level will be perfect. I hope you can come and join us .... For sure you will have a wonderful SST ( Snipe Sailing Time ) ;-)
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